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Pasumai kathir

Pasumai Kathir is a tamil news periodical, published by us as bi-monthly in Tamil language for the period from January to June and July to December. It reflects the events of the past activities and suitable technlogies for that seasons to benefit of the farm community of the thiruvannamalai district

      Wild Boar management
      Treeleaf concentrated feed for backyard chicken
      New green gram variety Vamban-4
      Value addition in Tomato and Micro nutrient spray
      Integrated Pest and Disease Management in Paddy and Groundnut
      Stem Borer Management in Paddy
      New hybrid Chilli Arka Saanvi
      Awareness camp and extension activities
      Improved brinjal VRM(Br)-2
      Parasite management in shed for sheep rearing
      Panama wilt Disease management in Banana
      Assessment of improved groundnut varities and extension activities
      Vamban-8 Blackgram variety
      Improved hybrid tomato CO4
      Integrated pest management in paddy
      CFLD and Various extension activities
      Ridge gourd COH-1
      Drinks for increasing immunity to COVID-19
      Disease management methods for cows in rainy season
      CFLD and Various extension activities
      Maize-Army worm management
      Mastitis management in Cows
      Cluster Front Line Demonstration
      Various extension activities
      Army worm management
      Disease management in goats
      New varities in Pulses and Groundnut under CFLD
      Various extension activities
      Hybrid bhendi CO4
      Farmers Day 2018
      Awareness campaign on Panama wilt in Banana
      CFLD on Blackgrame
      IPDM in paddy and Brinjal
      Value addition in millets
      Soil Health Campaign
      Usage of IIHR MN mixture
      A New Cumbu variety CO-10
      Crop Insurance-PMFBY
      Foliar nutrient -Vegetable special
      Awareness on Colacasia Leaf blight Disease
      Blackgram-Vamban - 6
      Solar light trap
      Density Banana plantation
      First aid for goats
      Drought Management technology
      Importance of Vegetable speical in Vegetable crops
      Tissue culture Banana
      Mastitis and its natural cures
      New technology for high yielding in Groundnut
      Advantages and its medicinal usages of banana
      Integrated Pest management in Brinjal
      Land reclamation
      Demonstration on Turmeric boiler
      Field day-Groundnut and Tomato
      Direct paddy seeder
      Management of MN deficiency in groundnut
      CRIDA Groundnut harvester
      Special features of Kumil tree