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Training is one of the important roles of KVK. Training is a systematic effort to impart knowledge, improve skill, inculcate appropriate attitudes in farmers, rural youth and extension personnel in order to perform their duties effectively. KVK's trainings are conducted at various levels for which the programmes are designed based on the clientele problems and needs.

    On Campus Training on Bee Keeping

    Off campus training-ICM in bittergourd

    Value added products preparations

    Paneer Preparation
The KVK trainings can be classified based on the duration by
  1. Short duration training ( 1-7 days
  2. Medium duration training ( 8-14 days)
  3. Long term duration trainings ( 3-4 weeks)
Title of the trainings offered by KVK
  1. INM in paddy
  2. Soil sampling techniques
  3. System of rice intensification
  4. System of rice intensification
  5. Role of mechanization in paddy cultivation
  6. Management of Leaf folder
  7. Management of foliar diseases
  8. Management of Root rot
  9. INM in groundnut and popularization of new variety
  10. Role of mini mobile sprinkler
  11. Integrated nutrient management practices in pulses
  12. Advanced nursery techniques for quality seedling production
  13. Yield maximization through INM
  14. Soil testing procedures for vegetable crops
  15. Management of shoot and fruit borer
  16. Foliar application of growth regulators and micro nutrients
  17. Advanced nursery techniques for quality seedling production
  18. Foliar application of growth regulators and micro nutrients
  19. Protray nursery technique for quality seedling production
  20. Sex regulation through growth regulator application
  21. Management of bud necrosis in watermelon
  22. Improved planting methods for higher productivity
  23. Inter cropping and mulching in banana
  24. Management of erwinia rot and leaf spot in banana
  25. Precision farming for higher productivity in vegetables
  26. Drudgery reducing agriculture equipments
  27. Usage of zero energy saving devices (grading methods)
  28. Value addition of field crops
  29. Value addition of milk
  30. Management of anoestrum in dairy cattle
  31. Popularization of fodder varieties in silvipasture system
  32. Popularization of Asolla feeding to improve milk production
  33. Popularization of Rhodowhite chicken for backyard poultry
  34. Calf management
  35. Management of helmithic parasitic diseases
  36. Management of ecto parasitic infestation
  37. Cultivation paratices of malai vembu
  38. Contract farming of matchwood
  39. Cultivation of thronless bamboo