Soil sampling method

  • Block:Kilpennathur
  • Place:Kilpennathur
  • Date: 24 February, 2023
  • Type: Extension Activity

Awareness Programme in Soil Sampling

KVK in collaboration with ICICI Foundation Rural Livelihood Improvement Programme organised awareness cum demonstration on Soil sampling and Soil testing procedures for the farmers. Mr. Sathish Kumar, Development Officer, ICICI Foundation inaugurated the program.

Mr.P.Chowdry, Programme Assistant (Lab Technician) delivered lecture about soil health management, soil testing and Do’s and Don’ts in soil sampling.

Ms. M. Ishwarya, SMS Agronomy gave lecture about the reclamation of problematic soil and crop choice according to the soil physical, chemical and biological properties. A total of 50 farmers were benefitted in the event.

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