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  • Production technologies for sunflower
  • Production technologies for black gram
  • Production technologies for groundnut
  • Production technology of vermicompost
  • System of rice intensification
  • Organic farming
  • Application of growth regulators in horticultral crops
  • Protray vegetable seedling production technology
  • Production technologies for hybrid watermelon
  • INM in chillies
  • Usage of bio-fertilizers in horticultural crops
  • Organic farming
Plant protection
  • Management of leaf folder in paddy
  • IDM in groundnut
  • IDM in paddy
  • Disease management in groundnut
  • Management of pseudo stem weevil in banana
  • Management of shoot and fruit borer in brinjal
  • IPM in paddy
Soil science
  • soil and water testing and its importance
  • Reclamation of soil
  • INM for field crops
Agriculture Extension
  • Objectives and activities of the KVK
Animal Science
  • Vaccination schedule for livestock
  • Prevention and control of important diseases in live stock
  • Prevention and control of tick fever in livestock
  • Backyard poultry – vanaraja rearing
  • Turkey rearing
  • Prevention and control of helminthic parasitic diseases in livestock
  • Reproductive management in dairy cattle
Home Science
  • Value addition of vegetables, milk, fruits
  • Drudgery reducing agricultural equipments
  • Masala powders
Agro forestry
  • Thorn less bamboo cultivation
  • Cultivation of new important variety of casuarina