Azolla Production cum Demo unit

Sl.No. Description of Unit Details
1 Year of Establishment 2001
2 Size of the unit 3 X 10 feet-2Nos (60 Sqft)
3 Capacity of production (kg) 50 kg/month
4 No. of farmers trained 2920
Azolla Production cum Demo Unit

Azolla is a water based crop and one should ensure at least 5 inches of water in pond for proper growth. Azolla will be ready for harvest by 2-3 weeks. Azolla prefers shade and requires light (30-50% light required for its growth) for photosynthesis.

Azolla grows well where the ideal temperature range is 20-35°C. It requires a water pH value of 5 to 7 and relative humidity of 80-90%

Steps in Azolla production
  • Size of the tank depends upon quantity of feed to be harvested. For small holders a pond of about 2m length and 1m width is sufficient. The ground is levelled and bricks are laid in required dimension.
  • Old plastic sacs or sheets are placed in the bottom of the pond.
  • Then the pond is covered with 150 gauge durable plastic sheets.
  • Secure sides of the plastic sheets by placing bricks over the side walls.
  • About 25 kg of clean and fertile soil is spread uniformly across the pond.
  • Then, a mixture of 5 kg cowdung and 30g rock phosphate is applied uniformly.
  • Water is maintained at a depth of 10 cm in the pond.
  • 500g of azolla culture is required per square meter of the pond.
  • Put 6 ventilation holes randomly for ventilation as well as to remove excess moisture present inside the bed.
  • Azolla will fully cover the pond by 1-2 weeks and can start harvesting it.