Horticulture Nursery Unit

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Sl.No. Description of Unit Details
1 Year of Establishment 1999
2 Size of the unit 80 X 30 feet (2400 Sqft)
3 Capacity of Nursery (Plant) 4000 Nos
4 No. of Plants distributed to the farmers 162340
5 Farmers benefitted 12460
Horticulture Nursery Demo Unit

The horticultural crops are grown in nurseries and then transplanted into the fields. The nursery improves germination, saves time and labour. Establishing a nursery requires knowledge of propagation methods and resources such as mother plants, growing media and container.

The location of the nursery should be nutrient rich medium soil, adequate water source, free of soil pathogens and insects and should have road facility for easy transportation.

Type of the plants used in nursery
Sl.No. Crops Qty (Nos) Propagation types
1 Fruit crops 1200 Seed, Grafting, budding, layering, cuttings
2 Vegetable crops 1000 Seed (Protray seedlings)
3 Ornamental crops 800 Cuttings, bulb, corms.
4 Agro forestry 1000 Seed
Expenditure for start up nursery

Sl.No. Description Total Rs.
A : One time investment
1 Preparation of shade net structure 125000.00
2 Mother block 10000.00
B : Yearly investment
1 Preparation of nursery media (Sand, vermicompost) 27500.00
2 Polybag and protray for seed propagation 12000.00
3 Seed cost 15000.00
4 Seedling cost 11500.00
5 Growth regulator for cuttings 4500.00
6 Labour charges for grafting 12000.00
7 Maintenance charges 10000.00
Total Rs. 92500.00
Sales income
Sale of seedlings (Grafted and layering) Rs. 155000.00
Sale of protray vegetable seedlings Rs. 21000.00
Sale of Ornamental seedlings Rs. 48000.00
Sale of Agro forestry seedlings Rs. 55000.00
Total Rs. Rs. 279000.00
Profit per Annum
Turnover (-) Expenditure : 279000 - 92500.00 = Rs. 186500.00
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