Japanese Quail rearing Unit

Sl.No. Description of Unit Details
1 Year of Establishment 2005
2 Size of the unit 15 X 12 feet (180 Sqft)
3 Capacity of production (kg) 500 Nos/year
4 No. of farmers trained 1200
Japanese Quail Production cum Demo Unit

Quails can be reared either in cages or on floors or a combination of both. Thus, the options for rearing systems are option I. Brooding (0-3 weeks), rearing (4-8 weeks) and laying (8 weeks onwards) in deep litter

Precautions to be observed
  • Always maintain the optimum temperature of 27-28° C
  • Wash hands thoroughly with antiseptic lotion
  • Relative humidity of 80-85% inside the shed
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