Poultry Production Unit

Sl.No. Description of Unit Details
1 Year of Establishment 2022
2 Size of the unit 27 X 17 feet (459 Sqft)
3 Capacity of production (kg) 150 Nos
4 Breed Aseel Desi bird
5 No. of farmers trained 650
Poultry Production cum Demo Unit

Poultry has contributed to human health and rearing has been an integral component of livestock over the millennia in India. Poultry is an integral part of farming systems and household economy for many families in rural regions, while in urban regions, large and small-scale poultries are providing good quality and safe poultry products to the urban consumers. Over the last few decades, the country chicken has transformed from backyard farming to techno-commercial industry.

From an entirely unorganized and unscientific farming practice; poultry industry in India has advanced in the commercial production to a great extent by adopting scientific methods, standing as the third largest egg producer and fifth in chicken meat producer in the world. Country chicken farming is undertaken because of its nutritional meat and eggs, health benefits, economical in rearing and has social benefits.

Aseel Poultry birds

They are also considered as fighting cocks and used for cockfighting. These breeds have high stamina, a natural disposition to be aggressive, an impressive walking characteristic known as majestic gait and with determined fighting qualities. Few weeks old chicks exhibit fighting qualities and matured ones will fight to the death. This breed is a poor layer, laying about 40 eggs in a year but are excellent sitters.


1 Breed of Poultry Desi Bird
2 System of rearing Semi intensive
3 No. of Unit 1
4 Batch size (No. of Chicks) 150.00
5 Cost of day old chicks Rs. 55.00
6 Mortality rate 5 (%)