Micro Nutrient Vegetable Special Production Unit

Sl.No. Description of Unit Details
1 Year of Establishment 2015
2 Size of the unit 20 X 10 x 5 feet (200 Sqft)
3 Capacity of production 500-1000 kg/year
4 Quantity produced and supplied (kg) 3275
5 No.of farmers Benefited 961
Vegetable Special Production Unit

Micro nutrients play a major role in growth and production of vegetable crops. It is a micro nutrient formulation has found to be unique with six micronutrients namely zinc, boron, manganese, iron, molybdenum and copper and three secondary nutrients such as calcium, magnesium and sulphur. Balanced nutrition is very important for high yield, quality and resistance to pest and diseases.

Balanced nutrition is very important for high yield, quality and resistance to pest and diseases. Foliar spray of Vegetable Special enhances vegetative growth, increases fruit set and fruit size, reduces incidence of pest and disease by imparting resistance to plant system and also helps in development of all vegetables.

Foliar spray of micronutrients

The micronutrients can be made available to the plants either by foliar spray or by application to the soil. However the micronutrients are recommended as foliar spray for the following advantages.

  • To avoid fixation of applied nutrients in the soil.
  • To avoid leaching of nutrients through erosion.
  • To avoid delay in the availability of nutrients.
  • Quick response to the nutrients through foliar spray.
  • Less quantity of nutrients through foliar spray
  • Cost effective
  • Concentration to spray
  • Long duration crops such as tomato, chilli, brinjal, capsicum, onion are required to be sprayed 5 grams per litre of water.

  • The crops harvested within 100 days such as okra, greens, raddish, beetroot, knoll khol, French bean and cowpea are recommended 3 grams of vegetable special per litre of water.

  • The cucurbitaceous crops such as melons and gourds are recommended 1 gram of vegetable special per litre of water.

  • How and when to spray

    Vegetable special is recommended at 1 or 3 or 5 grams per litre of water depending on the crop. Two lime fruits are squeezed into the solution and mixed properly to make the solution slightly acidic. One shampoo sachet containing 2-3 ml of solution should be mixed to make the solution to stick of leaf when sprayed. Shampoo plays a vital role as sticker. Thus vegetables special is recommended as foliar spray only and not for soil application.

    It is recommended after 30 days of transplanting the crop. It is to repeat the spray once in a month. For better results spraying early in the morning or late evening after sunset is preferred.

  • The spray of vegetable special is found to enhance the yield levels by 18 to 35 %.
  • Enhance the flower production, reduce the flower drop.
  • Improving fruit set and size of the fruit.
  • Enhancement of fruit quality.
  • Better colour, uniform colour and attractive colour.
  • Yield increased by application of vegetable special as foliar spray

    Name of the
    Before application
    After application
    increase %
    1 Tomato 463.4 596.1 28.65
    2 Brinjal 271.38 344.61 26.98
    3 Chilli 224.63 229.53 19.89
    4 Chilli 496.52 413.36 20.11
    5 Bhendi 98.52 121.78 23.60
    6 Ridge gourd 424.32 339.87 24.84