Infrastructure of KVK

KVK has very good infrastructural facilities such as training hall with audio visual aids, well equipped Library, Seminar hall with the capacity of 300 nos, Soil testing lab, Home Science lab, Mushroom spawn production lab and a well furnished farmers' hostel with 40 members capacity. An instructional farm spread over an area of 20ha with various demo units such as Integrated Farming System, Vermicompost, Mushroom, Orchard, nursery, Dairy, Backyard Poultry, Japanese quail and Goatary is available to impart skill and knowledge to the farmers following the approach of 'Learning by doing' and 'Seeing is believing'.

  • Administrative Building

    Administrative building is having a Library, Soil and water tesing labs, Food Processing training labs, Seminar hall with well equipped furniture.

  • A farmers hostel having 40 beds for accommodation with Kitchen, Dinning hall facilities.

  • Two types of staff quarters are having with 12 blocks for all staff.

  • A good vermicomposting demo cum production unit with 2 tonnes production capacity per month.

  • A model diary unit with 1200sq.ft capacity for rearing 15 animals.

  • A model slatted stall fed goat unit with 150sq.ft capacity for rearing 20 goats.

  • A model Poultry with hatchery unit with 159 sq.ft capacity for rearing 150 poultry birds.

  • A model azolla demo cum production unit 60 sq.ft capacity to supply to the farmers.

  • A multi fruit garden with exotic fruit plants with 20cents.

  • A new Miyawaki forest an acre of 0.80 in association with ICICI Foundation for preventing global warming.

  • A model fish with duck farming in an acre of 0.50.

  • A oyster mushroom production cum demonstration unit in size of 10x22sqft.

  • A mist chamber unit demonstration unit established in size of 40x12sqft for supply of quality seedlings to the farmers.

  • Soil, Water Testing Lab, Plant health diagonostic lab, FPTC, Vegetable production unit, Honey bee rearing unit are also established at KVK for the benefit of the farmers.

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